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Long-wheelbase 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series takes shape as more family friendly LC300 seven-seater

The LandCruiser 300 Series is basically here, but a long-wheelbase version be wanted by some. (Image credit: Kolesa)

The most anticipated new model of 2021, the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, officially launched last week, although deliveries won’t begin until December due to a production stop prompted by severe parts shortages.

Of course, one of the LC300’s key features is its 2850mm wheelbase, which is the exact same length as that of the preceding LandCruiser 200 Series. But should Toyota offer buyers a longer option?

After all, the LC300’s GXL, VX and Sahara grades come standard with seven seats, and early feedback – including from CarsGuide’s own launch review – shows the third row is only suitable for younger children on longer journeys, which is not uncommon for a large SUV.

If you’re a teenager or adult of average or above height, you could struggle to get comfortable, partly because the second row has been pushed back 92mm to create more legroom for its passengers, of which those with longer legs may still not have a lot of room.

Which brings us to these unofficial renders from Kolesa, which imagine what a long-wheelbase version of the LC300 would look like.

Toyota is yet to confirm it’s working on such a derivative and was at pains to point out how important retaining the 2850mm wheelbase was for most LandCruiser buyers, to maximise off-road performance.

But there are inevitably some out there that would have no problem sacrificing some ability for additional practicality, be it in the second and/or third row or even boot, especially if they have no intention of heading off the beaten track.

(Image credit: Kolesa) (Image credit: Kolesa)

From the B-pillars forward, the artist’s impression seen here looks no different to a ‘regular’ LC300, but the longer wheelbase, rear doors and rear overhang become apparent behind them.

To accommodate these changes, the C-pillars and rear-side windows have been redesigned, while the tail-lights are linked by a horizontal bar to hammer home the point that this is a different breed of LC300.

Time will tell if Toyota creates a long-wheelbase LC300, but considering the current model already has waiting list that’s up to 12 months’ long, there could be more than enough demand to establish a strong business case.