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Land Rover Defender isn't the only old-timer on our roads | comment

The final Land Rover Defender rolls off the production line.

Some cars refuse to die. The original Land Rover is the best example, with the last one just built after 68 years. The Hindustan Ambassador ran from 1958 to 2014 in India, having started as the Morris Oxford in 1948 in Britain.

The Suzuki Jimny and Lotus Elise, only babies by comparison, have both been around since the middle of the '90s with minimal changes.

Over the past 20-odd years the Jimny had only a short break from Australia to have key safety items fitted.

There have been all sorts of twists and turns, but no change to the Elise's basics.

Only 22 Elises were sold in 2015 but a total of 1098 Jimnys found new homes, nearly double the 2014 tally.

Nissan's GC Patrol is another long-termer, having made its Australian debut in December 1997. There is a new Patrol at the top of Nissan's four-wheel drive family but the GU is still a hugely popular and relatively affordable choice with 4WD fans and grey nomads.

Mitsubishi's Pajero runs and runs, perhaps proving practicality rather than fashion is the key in the serious SUV world.

So, while coupes and sports cars come and go, the big off-road battle wagons just do what they do best. A bit like a Hindustan Ambassador.

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