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Lamborghini Miura 'blown up' in the name of art

Science meets art.

You might imagine Lamborghini, or anyone who owns one of its classic Miuras, would be very much against the idea of blowing one to smithereens, but that’s exactly what artist Fabian Oefner was allowed to do, creating an image described as “science meets art”.

Oefner’s “Disintegrating X (Lamborghini Miura)” is certainly an eye-catching art work, as it appears to be a photo of a Miura being torn into tiny pieces by some mysterious, Marvel Universe-style magnetic force.

In fact, it has been created, painstakingly, by combining thousands of shots depicting every single component of a Miura, from body shell to tiny screws, all perfectly positioned, and Photoshopped, to create the illusion of an exploding car.

Thank goodness it’s only an illusion. Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist who “examines our perception of time and reality through hyper-detailed sculptures and photographs”.

His previous “Disintegrating” photos had all been done using scale models, but in this case a friend of his owned a Miura and was having it pulled down to be restored, so he invited Oefner to come into the workshop and photograph every single part of the legendary Lamborghini, in situ.

“With a scale model you’re in your studio, it’s a quiet place you can do what you like and it’s a very soothing process,” Oefner explains.

“With the real car, you have the constant noise, plus you have people working beside you, and it was 44 degrees in the workshop,

it smelled of petrol in the air, it’s just way more tangible when you do it with the real thing.”

While it might sound like hard work, Oefner actually found it a genuinely moving, and bonding, experience.

“That car becomes something really special to you, because at the end of the process you know every single detail, It’s more like a person,” he says.

“Every time I see the car it’s like, ‘Oh, I know you.’”

Yes, I know you, I blew you to bits. Nice one, Fabian.

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