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Kia ups its tech game: VW Group-rivalling digital cockpit coming to a car near you

The 12.3-inch screen replaces the traditional dials in the driver's binnacle

Kia is upping its interior tech game, today revealing a new 12.3-inch digital driver's screen that replaces the traditional dials in the driver's binnacle. 

Similar to the Volkswagen Group's digital display (called a Digital Cockpit in Audi product and an Active Info Display in VW vehicles), Kia's "Supervision" screen will make its debut in the Kia XCeed crossover due to be unveiled in June 26.

While that vehicle is yet to be confirmed for Australia, Kia says the technology will roll out into other products - though the tech will be reserved for higher-specification cars, and as an option to begin with.

“Our new Supervision digital instrument cluster is one of a number of optional new technologies that will be available with the Kia XCeed," says the brand's European COO, Emilio Herrera.

"Boasting a wide range of features, particularly on higher-specification models, this cluster will play an important role in displaying critical information to the driver in a clear, unobtrusive way.

"It will be adapted for other Kia models in future, as we seek new ways to display useful and critical information to drivers on the move.”

The 12.3-inch driver display is a 1920x720-pixel high-resolution screen that replaces the speedo and tachometer, and, like in competitor vehicles, is highly customisable. The section between the two main dials can be switched between trip info, navigation instructions or phone information.

Kia says its technology "future-proofs" the cabin, with the Supervision setup ready for charging and battery details for electrified drivetrains.

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