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Kia Stinger GT police car makes its American debut

Kia's police-stickered Stinger GT has hit the stand at SEMA

Fresh off securing a contract with the Queensland Police, Kia's Stinger is out and scouting for more law enforcement business, this time targeting the American forces at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

And to help temp those fat government cheques out their wallets, Kia has flown over a QLD Police-spec Stinger GT (at the request of the brand's American HQ) complete with the flashing red-and-blues and livery of Queensland's Road Command.

The aim, Kia says, is to show off the 272kW Stinger GT to American law enforcement, specifically those in Los Angeles, where the Korean brand clearly senses a potential fleet sale brewing.

And it's an area Kia has had some significant success in. The move follows a deal in September to deliver fifty examples of the Stinger GT to the Western Australian Police, replacing that states now-ageing homegrown Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons. That deal followed a similar agreement with Queensland Police, with 100 cars also joining that fleet from July this year.

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