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Kia Sportage recalled for wiring fault

Kia has recalled 531 second-generation Sportatge SUVs for a potential wiring fault

Kia's second-generation Sportage crossover has been recalled for a potential manufacturing fault which could lead to a failure of the stability system or, in a worst case scenario, an engine fire.

The manufacturing flaw has been identified in 531 Sportages built between 2008 and 2009, and could cause the Hyundai Electronic Control Unit (HECU) wiring connector seal to fail, resulting in a potential water breach.

The HECU – which controls safety systems including the electronic stability system (ESC) – if damaged through corrosion or short circuit, would cut safety systems and may lead to a fire.

While the only indication of a failure is the illumination of the ESC warning light on the instrumentation, Kia advises that the tell-tale sign may not always show up in affected vehicles.

Owners will be contacted by Kia and be directed to an approved service centre for inspection and repair work. All fixes will be carried out free of charge.

Customers can also check their vehicle chassis number with a list published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recalls website, where some Sportages ranging from NAJE552387484553 and KNAJE555587509785 are affected by the issue.

Is your second-generation Sportage affected? Tell us in the comments below.