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Kate and Wills $456,000 car

The arrival of a baby usually means dad has to get rid of his beloved, impractical car. So news that Prince William has recently added a £250,000 ($456,000) Bentley to his garages is likely to make him the envy of many fathers-to-be up and down the country.

The Bentley Flying Spur, which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will use for high-profile official engagements, is one of the world's fastest sedans with a top speed of 320km/h. But it's hardly economical, costing $215 to fill up and managing to use about 15L/100km.

It's expensively fitted out, with a hand-crafted walnut interior, champagne cooler and the wi-fi internet capabilities. William and Kate are also understood to have opted for heated and massaging quilted-leather seats. Safety features include bullet-proof windows and super-hardened steel armour, contributing to its three-tonne weight.

The couple were seen in the Bentley last week as they arrived for a reception at the Natural History Museum in London. It is being leased privately from Bentley, a common arrangement for official cars used by members of the Royal Family. Neither the carmaker nor Kensington Palace were willing to discuss how much the Cambridges' deal is worth or whether they have been given preferential rates. 

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