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June's new car deals now start in May

The Toyota HiLux is among some of the best buys if you want to get in early before June

Here are some of the best buys if you want to get in early before June 30.

June might be the biggest month of the year for car sales and, therefore, discounts, but many of the big brands have kicked off early with hot deals in May.

Having been knocked about by the $19,990 Hyundai i30 auto deal -- $7500 off RRP continuing for the third month in a row -- Toyota has responded by ripping up an extra $1000 off its popular Corolla Ascent Sport auto to $22,990 drive-away.

Mazda is still playing silly buggers with the Mazda3, offering "free on-roads" -- but this does not mean it's a drive-away price. Dealers are still charging a "delivery fee" (another word for "profit") which varies from $1500 to $2500 depending on which showroom you walk into. Best to wait until Mazda joins the rest of the market with a published drive-away price which is fairer for everyone.

Nissan is back to its 1 per cent finance offers; be sure to compare with outside finance deals and check the price of the car itself. Many companies offering low interest rates offset the cost by charging full price for the car, and then some. So do your sums before signing anything.

Mitsubishi has come out of hiding and put a deal on its aging but recently facelifted Lancer sedan, $20,990 drive-away this month with automatic, about $4000 off RRP.

The Toyota Yaris also remains good buying at $17,990 drive-away with auto. The Suzuki Swift has crept up $500 to $16,490 drive-away with auto but remains one of the best deals in the city car segment.

Don't expect a big discount beyond any of the special prices on small cars because the deals are funded by the factory not the dealership. We hear there is as little as $300 to $400 left for the dealer in each car after all hidden incentives are included.

So if you want floor mats or premium number plates you're likely going to be paying extra for those. The dealer isn't kidding when they say there is almost nothing left in it for them.

But if you get dealer finance, remember they get a sizeable kick-back from the finance provider so they will get some more profit in the deal that way.

Need a sedan? Toyota is now matching its rock bottom $26,990 drive-away price for brand new, un-driven, 2016-built Toyota Camrys (previously this price was for 2015-built cars and so-called "demonstrators"). This is about $8000 off the full RRP because Toyota is trying to keep the Altona factory running to capacity ahead of its December 2017 shutdown.

The Mitsubishi ASX remains the best buy in the compact SUV class at its almost permanent discount price of $25,000 drive-away with auto. The ASX fits between the tiny SUVs and the regular compact SUVs, which is perhaps why its price straddles the two segments. A sound car at a good price.

June is ute season, but Toyota is getting in early with deals on its workhorse versions of the HiLux because most of the early demand has been for the flagship SR5.

The HiLux Workmate crew cab 4x4 (with the 2.4-litre turbo diesel and a hose out vinyl floor but still with mod cons such as seven airbags and a rear camera) is now $41,990 drive-away, while the SR (with the 2.8-litre turbo diesel also found in the SR5, carpet interior, seven airbags and rear camera) is now $46,990 drive-away.

A word of warning on this month's Colorado deals. Holden is offering free servicing for three years across the ute range -but with the exception of the cheapest model (the bare bones LS from $36,990 drive-away) all the other variants have crept up by several thousand dollars compared to previous months. So either haggle hard or wait for something better in June because Holden is in runout with this model (a new Colorado is just a few months away) and it has limboed to lower prices before.

The Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R+ is now a full time member of the range, with a black grille, alloy wheels, side rails, rear camera and, this month, a free auto upgrade for the same price as the manual: $36,990 drive-away. This deal is about $4000 off the full RRP, although the Triton has limboed to this price before.

By far the best deal, though, if the budget stretches that far is the top end Triton Exceed double cab auto: now $46,990 drive-away with leather, sat-nav, rear camera and every other available mod con. This is about $5500 off the full RRP and $3000 off the top-end Triton's most recent deal.

Which is your pick for best deal this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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