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Jeep recalls 7831 Grand Cherokees

The recall is on 7831 units of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Jeep parent Chrysler Group has implemented a safety recall on the 2013-2014 Grand Cherokee to fix problems related to the software systems that control the anti-skid brakes, stability control and instrument warning lights.

The recall is on 7831 units of the Grand Cherokee – part of a global recall that includes 132,000 vehicles in the US, and will upgrade software that controls the systems.

The vehicle maker's engineers discovered  a problem with Grand Cherokee's anti-lock braking system module that affects the instrument cluster display and can also affect the braking and stability control systems.

Jeep says there have been no incidents or accidents related to the problem, and the recall was sparked when the company's quality-control workers saw random warning-light illumination and instrument-cluster blackout.

The recall notice says that both events 'occurred infrequently and appeared to resolve themselves by turning the vehicle's ignition off and then on' but that the upgrade would be rolled out for safety and compliance reasons.

Chrysler Group Australia is contacting owners of affected vehicles, who may also get in touch with their nearest Jeep dealer.