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It's how old? Special-edition Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series arrives to celebrate septuagenarian off-roader's big day

The Toyota Land Cruise 70 Series is celebrating a fitting birthday.

Toyota is celebrating the LandCruiser 70 Series' big b'day with style, unveiling a new special edition designed to commemorate the iconic off-roader's 70th birthday.

While it can sometime feel like the 70 Series we drive today is around 70 years old, the moment Toyota is actually commemorating is the 1951 Japanese debut of the Toyota BJ, a vehicle that would go on to be called the LandCruiser, and would morph into the car we know and love today.

The BJ was originally developed for Japan’s National Police Reserve, powered by a 3.4-litre six-cylinder petrol engine, and it earned its legendary status early, when it was driven higher on Mount Fuji than any vehicle to have gone before it.

Our special edition, however, is powered by a more familiar engine, the 4.5-litre diesel V8, generating 151kW and 430Nm.

Limited to just 600 examples (320 double cabs, 200 single cabs and 80 wagons), the 70th Anniversary special-edition can be had in three colours – French Vanilla, Merlot Red or Sandy Taupe.

Based on the GXL grade, special kit includes a black heritage grille with TOYOTA spelled out, a black front bumper and black wheelarch flares.

You'll also find darkened 16-inch alloy wheels and headlamp bezels, as well as LED front fog lamps and DRLS, and the expected special badging that commemorates the big year.

In the cabin, there's new black upholstery, and a black leather-accented steering wheel and gear shifter. There's also a woodgrain-look instrument panel, silver air vents, and a new-look centre console two USB chargers.

“The LandCruiser nameplate has earned legendary status in Australia, with a decades-long track record of durability and reliability in the toughest conditions our country has to offer,” says Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley.

“The 70th Anniversary special-edition is a tribute to the many LandCruisers that came before it, helping Australians navigate our harsh and rugged environment, whether that’s through the desert, across the mountains or deep in the forest.

How much? The new special-edition 70 Series will be here in September, and will set you back $80,050 (single cab), $82,600 (double cab), or $78,500 (wagon).