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Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepack special

To help tradies get to jobs on time, the standard Tradepack comes fitted with Navteq satellite navigation.

The company that has topped the Australian truck sales charts for more  than 20 years has released its latest truck package that is, perhaps not surprisingly, called the Tradepack.

It is an NPR 200 that is set-up with much of the gear a tradie needs. The idea is that a tradie can buy the truck, turn the key and get to work, rather than wait weeks for a tray to be custom made.

Even better, the NPR 200 Tradepack slips in a nudge under the 4.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Masss limit, which means it can be driven on a car  licence. Towing capacity comes in at a maximum of 3500kg,

There are two versions, the standard Tradepack for $50,490 and the  Tradepack Premium for $52,490.

The standard version comes with a heavy-duty aluminium tray measuring 4500mm by 2122mm with two-piece drop-down sides that sit 303mm tall. There is a ladder rack including three racks and the rear two can be removed to free up space in the tray.

A genuine Isuzu tow bar, trailer wiring and chrome tow ball is also  fitted. Up front is an airbag compatible polished aluminium bull bar.

To help tradies get to jobs on time, the standard Tradepack comes fitted with Navteq satellite navigation. The standard model comes with a five-speed manual gearbox, while the Premium version is fitted with a six-speed automated manual transmission  (AMT).

Other upgrades for the Premium model include a lockable steel toolbox located, under the passenger side of the tray, which is painted with a  black powdercoat.

The Premium version also gets a factory painted silver  cabin, a suspension seat for the driver, cruise control, automatic control for the airconditioning, front fog lights, a chrome girlle and an information display panel for the instrument cluster.

Both Tradepack models are powered by a 5.2-litre four-cylinder turbo  diesel that generates 114kW and 419 Nm of torque.