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Is this China's craziest ute yet? Low-riding Great Wall Cannon brings Ford and Holden-style street performance back!

Is this China's craziest ute yet?

Great Wall, or GWM, has unveiled what might be China's craziest ute yet, with a new wide-body, low-riding Cannon harking a return to the on-street performance once dominated by the V8 utes of Ford and Holden.

Billed as a "Supercar Pick-up Concept", and yet to receive an official name, the new ute is fitted with a tarmac-scraping bodykit, quad exhaust tips, a rear diffuser, hugely swollen arches and wide-body style, as well as giant gold-rimmed alloys that have been slammed.

The brand has called for its fans to name the new model via an official Twitter post that reads: "Bold lines and a new design, that’s what the supercar pick-up represents! But what should we call it? We would like to ask for your help to name our new model."

But with a broader brand catalogue that includes names like the "Big Dog" and "King Kong", you can bet whatever moniker is attached to this new pick-up will be something out of the ordinary.

The GWM Low Rider features gold-rimmed alloys. The GWM Low Rider features gold-rimmed alloys.

And it looks pretty epic, we reckon. What we don't know, however, is just what is powering it, with GWM yet to confirm engine specifics, nor has it popped the bonnet so we can take a cheeky look for ourselves.

But we do know they have access to an in-house twin-turbo-petrol V6 engine called Great Wall 6Z30. That engine's maximum torque of 500Nm is available from just 1500rpm, while the maximum 260kW arrives at 6000rpm. Either that, or it will stick with its 2.0-litre turbo-diesel that we're already familiar with.

On that, time will tell.