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Is this Australia's Chevrolet Corvette? First right-hand-drive C8 Stingray revealed, but will it lead our post-Holden future?

The first right-hand-drive Corvette has been revealed.

The first right-hand-drive Corvette has been revealed, with the Stingray's interior looking no less captivating with the steering wheel shifted from the left side of the vehicle. 

The image, first uncovered by Corvette Blogger, doesn't appear to capture the standard trim, with a two-tone interior, GT2 seats and a grippy Alcantara steering wheel.

There are a handful of RHD drive markets in line for the new Corvette, but its future remains something of a mystery in Australia, where it was expected to lead Holden's future here.

But with the entire Holden brand axed in Australia, GM is yet to officially confirm how, or even if, the Corvette will be offered here. 

CarsGuide understands the 'Vette is still expected to launch in Australia, headlining a new GM Specialty Vehicles outfit that will continue to sell select American product here. 

Holden's boss, Kristian Aquilina, described the venture as “a possible business in the making with GM Speciality Vehicles”.

"(GM) is at the infant stages of developing that plan … but there’s some opportunity there – in a very niche capacity – to have an ongoing presence”.

The move fits with GM's global RHD strategy, where it will offer a streamlined product lineup in international markets in an effort eek out a smaller but profitable business. 

“In markets where we don’t have significant scale, such as Japan, Russia and Europe, we are pursuing a niche presence by selling profitable, high-end imported vehicles, supported by a lean GM structure,” GM International Operations Senior Vice President, Julian Blissett, told media.