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Is China coming for the Toyota LandCruiser? GWM Haval reveals P04 large SUV based on Great Wall Cannon Ute

Haval's official Weibo account shared an image of the ‘P04', a large SUV seemingly based on the Cannon Ute.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think China's roads were clogged with unreleased and camouflaged SUV prototypes, and this large SUV from GWM Haval is just the latest of many.

Currently known as the Haval P04, according to an image published by the GWM SUV sub-brand on its official Weibo account, the SUV is apparently based on the GWM Great Wall King Kong Cannon dual-cab ute, and has been seen recently in the metal testing under camouflage.

Though GWM hasn't specifically outlined that it's based on the ute, the two models show similar hardpoints like headlights and even almost identical bonnets and fenders.

While official details are slim, Chinese motoring media has gathered a few reasonable tidbits of information about the P04, including a potential name for the production version.

Before the image was revealed on Haval's Weibo account, CarNewsChina reports that the image was leaked with the number plate bearing the lettering ‘H5' instead of the official P04 seen on the image released by Haval.

That would be an interesting development for the full-size SUV given a previous model from the brand, a mid-size SUV, was sold as the H5.

In terms of specification, the P04 is reportedly about 5200mm long, 2000 wide, and 1800mm tall, making it longer than the Toyota LandCruiser, but about as wide, and slightly shorter.

It's also expected the P04 will run on two versions of a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with different power outputs, though it's unclear if this is due to a difference between petrol and diesel or simply tuning.

As for us, we won't know if this model is destined for Australia until the car is fully revealed in China at least, if not much later.