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Is BMW about to join VW diesel scandal?

BMW denies rigging diesel emissions tests after an independent test claims one of its cars blew 11 times over the limit.

While Australian VW owners continue to wait to find out if their cars are affected, should BMW buyers be worried too?

BMW has denied rigging the computers in its diesel cars to cheat emissions tests, after respected German motoring magazine AutoBild claims to have found its X3 model blew 11 times over the legal limit.

AutoBild said road testing of the X3 diesel by the International Council on Clean Transportation -- the same group whose tipoff led US regulators to investigate the VW cheating scandal -- found it belched out "11.88 times the Euro 6 limit for NOx emissions".

The BMW Group does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests

BMW has strenuously denied the claim.

"The BMW Group does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests," a statement from the company says.

"We observe the legal requirements in each country and adhere to all local testing requirements.

"When it comes to our vehicles, there is no difference in the treatment of exhaust emissions whether they are on rollers (eg. test bench situation) or on the road."

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BMW says the two studies carried out by the International Council on Clean Transportation have confirmed that the BMW X5 and 13 other BMW vehicles tested did comply with the legal requirements concerning diesel emissions.

"We are not familiar with the test mentioned by AutoBild concerning the emissions of a BMW X3 during a road test. No specific details of the test have yet been provided and therefore we cannot explain these results," the BMW statement said.

The BMW results follow the Volkswagen scandal this week which saw the German company admit there was software designed to “cheat” strict emissions tests fitted to more than 11 million diesel cars sold globally.

As this article was published VW was yet to confirm if any diesel cars sold in Australia are affected, despite senior international executives being made aware of the unfolding drama 22 days ago.