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If fortune's wheel is turning

Kelly's eye: Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune's Kelly Landry drives a Ford Focus and dreams of the ultimate motor.

Kelly Landry is a self-confessed action junkie who dreams of slipping into the driver's seat of the world's fastest and most expensive car. For people who don't know - and she is not one of them - that car is a Bugatti Veyron. Landry is an international model and former travel reporter with Coxy's Big Break on Channel 7, but gets her big television break as co- host of Nine's born-again Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune.

What was your first car?
A 1989 white Ford Laser. It was a beast. I loved that car.

What do you drive now?
A new Ford Focus.

Do you have a favourite drive and who would you take?
I love the drive to Daylesford. Aside from the obvious reason, being a weekend away, I particularly love a certain part of the drive when the road is encased with beautiful oak trees and on a sunny day the light strobes through the branches. It would be nice to take a partner on that drive.

How far do you drive in an average year?
More than I'd like to. I love the open roads, but I think I clock up close to 20,000km sitting in horrible city traffic.

Do you have a favourite motoring memory?
A couple of times my family holiday involved driving to Queensland. I say a couple because after that we flew. I think three kids in the back for 20-odd hours nearly killed my parents. We sure had fun, though. I also used to own a 1967 Ford Mustang coupe. Every motoring moment was a pleasure in that car.

And if money was no object?
I have always had a bit of a love affair for a well-shaped motor vehicle. I really love cars so its hard to pick one, but looking at top-end-priced cars on appearance it would be a toss up between the Aston Martin DB9 and Audi R8. But if money was no object, I'd take the Bugatti Veyron out for a spin.

What music is playing in your car?
Whatever the mood strikes, really. I always have my iPod in the car, but I can be partial to a bit of 3AW. It's great in traffic.

How much is too much for a new car?
Well, the Bugatti is really a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a car, but I suppose it's all relative if you have a few spare million in your back pocket.

What should be done to make driving safer?
Road safety is actually really good in Australia in comparison to a lot of other countries. The problem is there isn't just one simple solution to road safety as there are so many variables that constantly change every time you are on the road. Making motor vehicles safer in terms of how they perform in an accident is definitely one on the top of a long list.

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