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Hyundai Tucson SUV recalled as bonnet can fly open

It's every driver's worst nightmare: the bonnet flies open and blocks your view. Well, now it's happened.

Hyundai is recalling 17,000 examples of its most popular SUV, the Tucson, across Australia because the bonnet can fly open and block the driver's view without warning. 

The highly unusual recall affects almost every one of the Tucson SUVs imported into Australia since the new model went on sale 12 months ago.

Hyundai says there have been no reports of bonnets flying open in Australia but has issued the recall as a precautionary measure after one incident in New Zealand. 

A bulletin issued on the website says: "The bonnet secondary safety latch has a risk of being unlatched when the vehicle is in motion. Under certain conditions the bonnet can lift suddenly and block the front vision of the driver."

The recall notice then advises: "If this occurs whilst driving this poses an accident hazard."

Hyundai says the fix will be done free of charge. 

Although the repair work only takes 20 minutes to complete, customers will need to make an appointment with their local dealership. 

The Hyundai recall joins other recall bulletins issued today for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles powered by diesel engines that can conk out without warning.

"If the engine cuts out during use this poses an accident hazard to the driver and other road users," the recall for Land Rover says.

Neither of these are the most unusual recalls ever issued, however.

In 2010, Holden recalled 34,000 Commodore utes because the tailgate latches were faulty. In two separate incidents, ute drivers lost their loads and left them on the road behind.