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Hyundai i45 suspension change on grumbles

"We have asked for a suspension change to the i45 and it will be approved soon," says Edward Lee, managing director of Hyundai Australia.

The Korean brand is fast-tracking changes to the steering and front suspension of its good looking mid-sized newcomer to bring it up to the standard of Japanese rivals including the Mazda6, Honda Euro and Suzuki Kizashi.

It has just completed a major back-to-back evaluation with its rivals and the outcome is an engineering update from Korea.  "We have asked for a change and it will be approved soon," says Edward Lee, managing director of Hyundai Australia.

"The quick fix could be in three months. But the permanent fix, I'm not sure."  Carsguide helped trigger the changes, with Hyundai boss Edward Lee admitting feedback from journalists was crucial in evaluation of the i45.

"HMC always listens to journalist opinion very carefully. We listen.  We try to improve.  After that criticism we are doing almost everything. We have to listen."

Carsguide hit the car hard for its wonky front suspension and woeful steering response, which even Lee felt during the comparison drive.  "I am not an engineer... but I can tell the difference, a little bit. We what the difference is, but from the normal customer's point of view it is hard to differentiate."

Lee says the comparative testing was crucial and the technical team in Australia has filed a detailed report to Korea.  "We discussed many times with our head office."

He also admits Hyundai must establish a process to prevent such shortcomings hitting showrooms in future.  "We have an Australian engineering team and test drivers. But it's not enough. We will do something more. We need to invite Korean engineers here."