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Hyundai i20 N: Australian launch a possibility for Fiesta ST competitor

The Hyundai i20 could make a return to Australia in go-fast N guise

News that the next member of the N family could be a performance-flavoured version of the i20 has Hyundai Australia interested, with executives confirming a N-stamped city car in go-fast-guise would be an appealing proposition, if one was to become available.

The i20 was dropped from the Australian line-up several years ago, with Hyundai unable to secure the pricing it needed to compete in the cost-sensitive city-car field.

But news today, reported by UK outlet Auto Express, that the i20 will be the next car to get the N treatment has local executives reconsidering their position on the Fiesta rival.

Working in its favour is the fact the brand has proven with the i30 Fastback N that it is willing to introduce a go-fast variant only.

"We've made no secret of the fact our focus is on building an N performance family, and so we will of course be studying the business case for any new product that should become available," says Hyundai spokesperson Guido Schenken.

"We have big plans for the N range in Australia.”

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