HSV R2 car-bike crossbreed video

29 May 2012
, CarsGuide

Car vs bike...it’s a war that’s divided mates for decades – what’s the best number of wheels: two or four? This weird crossover vehicle, the HSV R2, will cause a stir in car and bike circles alike.

While the arguments over the supreme ride bluster on, a student at MIT has been developing a Frankenstein of a machine – albeit much easier on the eye – to bring two- and four-wheel lovers together.

It’s called the HSV R2 and it’s got a lot of people very excited. Designed by design engineering student Michael Gray, this car and sports motorcycle crossover brings together the best aspects of both vehicles.

Running on four wheels, this super lightweight buggy has space for one passenger sitting behind the driver as you would on a bike. Unlike a bike, there’s an attachable roof so you can both shelter from the rain when required. You also get rollover protection from the safety cell structure should you take that corner a little too fast.

As with many younger designers, Michael has taken environmental impact into consideration. Only using new materials where absolutely necessary, the HSV R2 would avoid the reckless fade of overconsumption of available materials.

Predictably, it would run on an electric engine – nothing awe-inspiring there, but there’s a clever twist. For the first time an infinite driving range is said to be possible with the use of interchangeable battery packs that could potentially be swapped over when flat at e-service stations.

Entered into this year’s international James Dyson Award, the HSV R2 highlights the creative growth in Australian design engineers – not to mention that if this concept was to win the award it would make three Aussie winners in as many years.

And you never know, a win for the HSV R2 and we could be seeing something similar on our roads some time in the future. That means the car versus bike battle would be over. There’s just one problem – what's left for you and your mate to argue over then?