Hottest used Walkinshaw ute for sale

20 February 2013
, CarsGuide

Walkinshaw Performance is selling what must be the most desirable used ute in Australia. The rare and genuine Walkinshaw Performance HSV E3 Maloo is from their VIP fleet and is being moved on to make way for new fleet vehicles. Any doubts about the desirability? Just read some of the details in the ad.

It's a 2011 plated super low km (<3,500kms) vehicle that features some of our finest work. This thing has more soul than Marvin Gaye, more power than seven of the Toyota Yaris -- and looks-wise it would give Miranda Kerr a run for her money (note: also faster than Miranda).

Lists are usually boring, but this one is not. Read it while seated.

  • First up we whacked a WP230 Supercharger atop the LS3 engine which turned a 317Kw Maloo into a 480+kw Maloooooo. It also now boasts more torque than a political rally while actually producing results.
  • The wheels. We thought "20s would look nice". Up onto the hoist and shortly after the beast was shod with HSV SV Black 20" wheels with Bridgestone Potenza 275/30 rears and 245/35 fronts.
  • Looks. A Maloo is already the best looking ute out there, but we added an HSV GTS front bar in matt black and a number of HSV Black parts (Bonnet and side vents) to make angry look angrier.
  • The factory bimodal exhaust remains (As Top Gear's Richard Hammond once said "Makes it go to eleven"), but we added our billet aluminium matt black tips to ensure it was very WP styled.
  • It has a towbar with a WP cap on it for when you're not pulling an Airbus A380 for a friend (did we mention 800nm of torque?).
  • Of course it has a full service history, with all work done by us and backed by a balance-of-new- car warranty from WP.

This ute has been snapped up by a buyer that says he is "very excited."