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Honda CR-V airbag recall doesn't affect Australia

The US market Honda CR-V is built in that country, for that country. That means this recall doesn't affect Australian-spec cars.

A recent recall of Honda CR-V models in the US has caused a stir among Australian customers, but local consumers have nothing to fear.

The recall for US market Honda CR-V models relates to a wiring fault that may lead to the airbags deploying without reason. According to the US safety watchdog, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, metal shards could cause a short circuit for the steering wheel airbag, causing it to deploy.

That’s the worst case scenario for the 118,598 examples affected built from 3 October 2018 to 1 April 2019 - warning signs for owners of CR-Vs include steering wheel buttons failing to operate, the horn sounding without reason, or an airbag light on the dashboard.

Honda Australia has apparently been inundated by owners of the CR-V in Australia, but those customers have no reason for concern - the recall affects only American market models, as they’re built in a different plant and feature different design elements. These models are built in the US, for the US.

Australian CR-V models - like all versions for South-East Asia - are built in Thailand, and therefore this recall doesn’t affect local vehicles.

Honda has seen a spate of global airbag recalls as part of the Takata recall, but this latest instance is unrelated to Takata.

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