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Honda Civic Type-R revealed | video

The concept's lines suggest this will be the most extreme Civic Type-R in the model's history.

The wraps have come off the Honda Civic Type-R Concept that signals the styling for the new car that will be launched next year -- and hopefully reach our shores soon afterwards. The Japanese carmaker's design team says the the Type-R is more than just a high-performance road car, it's a 'racing car for the road'.

The concept's lines suggest this will be the most extreme Civic Type-R in the model's history, with a strong focus on aerodynamics. As such a massive rear wing sits proudly atop the hatchback, while the body panels bristle with an arsenal of aggressive splitters and gills.

They're all there to provide the downforce required to beat the front-drive Nurburgring lap record recently set by the Seat Leon Cupra. Honda has already promised that the Civic will become the first front-drive production car to lap the 'Ring in under eight minutes, and has used Nurburgring footage in much of its teaser campaign for the car.

The concept's front is chiseled with deep air intakes incorporating LED daytime running lamps flanking the central grille. Louvres in the bonnet also help extract hot air from the engine bay to boost engine performance. Wheel arches are flared front and rear which, when combined with massive wheels and side skirts, gives the Type-R concept an overtly aggressive stance.

But it's at the rear that the aggressive styling has been dialled up to eleven, making it clear that this is no mere Focus ST or Golf GTI rival. A dirty rear diffuser houses quad exhaust tips, while that vast rear wing – which incorporates the car's taillights – gives the Type R a level of presence that none of its predecessors could ever manage.

Engine specifications for the production version are yet to be finalized, but powering the new Type R is a brand-new 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. Gone are the days of V-TEC engines producing maximum torque at stratospherically high engine revolutions, rather the new car will likely feature a relatively flat power curve with maximum torque available from just 2000rpm. The peak power output will be more than 205kW.

Carsguide drove a prototype version of the new Type R ahead of its expected 2015 showroom debut – we now just hope the latest hot Honda is destined for our shores.

Watch the Honda Civic Type-R revealed video on our desktop site.