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Hardcore Nissan 400Z NISMO coming to rock your Toyota GR Supra - reports

A more hardcore Zed car is coming. (image credit: Best Car Web)

The record Nissan 400Z (or simply Z, as we expect it to be called) is yet to launch anywhere in the world, but that hasn't stopped Nissan working on a more hardcore model, with reports out of Japan suggesting a NISMO version will be unveiled this year.

There's been a wave of new and affordable performance washing over Japan of late, with vehicles like the Toyota Supra, the GR Yaris and an incoming Honda Civic Type R all arriving in something of a rush.

Not be left out, Nissan has put the finishing touches on the long-awaited successor to the 370Z, known so far as the 400Z or simply "Z". But according to fresh reports, the party won't end there.

Japanese Best Car Web is claiming a scoop around a NISMO-branded Z car that will debut in January 22 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, ahead of a March on-sale date, that ups the performance credentials across the board.

That starts with the twin-turbo V6 engine, which will be tuned to deliver a minimum of 300kW and 475Nm, which are impressive numbers, and enough to put it on-par with the Toyota GR Supra, which makes 285kW and 500Nm.

Next, you'll get bigger 20-inch alloys, NISMO styling, and more importantly, a stiffer, stronger body and re-tuned suspension for better handling and grip.

In other big news for Nissan, the site is reporting that the brand is working on a GT4 race version of its new Z, which would essentially go up against the race version of the GR Supra.

Not only will that model be sold to the public (though not to be driven on public roads), it's safe to assume that the high-speed learnings will feed down to the regular versions of the Z, too.

Unfortunately Nissan is yet to confirm launch timing for the Z in Australia, but it's coming, so watch this space.