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GTRs are go!

After the longest striptease in history, the new GT-R is finally almost nearly here; and is definitely for sale on our shores.

Since the concepts and prototypes first started to take shape three years ago, the car has flashed its metal hide at motor shows and, more recently, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb, and is finally scheduled for its official reveal in its home town of Tokyo next month.

While it did not make the Sydney stand for this reason, Nissan Australia boss Shinya Hannya confirmed today that the GT-R is a go.

Because of our close physical relationship with Japan, Australia should see the car earlier than most. Originally thought to scrape in at the end of 2009; if at all; we now may be seeing it in limited numbers by early ’09.

Pricing is equally speculative, but we are thinking in the $150K+ region. Not bad for a dashingly-dressed Porsche-beater.