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GM cars to offer wireless charging for phones

Powermat wireless charge pad in Volt.

It's a sad fact: for some drivers, our dashboards and centre consoles look increasingly like the backs of our home televisions. There are wires plugged into stereos, cables running to chargers jammed into cigarette lighters, wires hastily wrapped and thrown over shifter knobs. When will the madness end?

For General Motors fans, the answer is: next year. According to Bloomberg, that's when GM will begin rolling out Powermat wireless chargers to vehicles across its four product lines, eliminating our need to plug cellphones into charging stations. (Provided our phones or their cases are capable of wireless charging, of course.)

You might recall that Toyota was the first automaker to offer wireless charging. Thanks to its close relationship with Powermat, GM was in line to take that trophy via the Volt, but it was beaten by the 2013 Toyota Avalon -- a model we no longer have here, getting the locally built Camry-derived Aurion instead.

GM hasn't announced the list of vehicles to offer the new technology. In fact, GM hasn't announced anything about it at all, preferring to keep the matter hush-hush “for competitive reasons”. It's the folks at Powermat who've been blabbing. While there's no confirmation yet that the wireless charging will reach the GM (Holden) cars offered in Australia, with the parent company's move towards more globalisation of models, it's a feature that should easily travel.