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Genesis to put service first for Australia

As a new brand to the Australian luxury automotive scene, Genesis will have its work cut out to establish itself.

Fledgling luxury brand Genesis will aim to lure customers with a superior service offering when it launches locally in early 2019.

The luxury arm of Hyundai doesn’t have an established presence as a brand in its own right, having launched the Hyundai Genesis large luxury sedan just before the announcement of a global luxury brand rollout by Hyundai Motor Corp.

This time around, though, there will be a concerted effort to separate Genesis from Hyundai, with the brand soon launching a flagship store in Sydney where potential customers can get an idea of what Genesis stands for against luxury car brand rivals like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

According to Genesis Australia general manager, Peter Evans, service at the store will just be the start, with a large investment making its way towards aftersales care and convenience. 

Evans said that as well as striving to maintain the existing cost-free five-year ownership plan, Genesis wants to offer included collection and delivery of owners’ cars, plus a few new takes on transparency when it comes to automotive maintenance. 

“We’re looking at some video technology - giving customers a video briefing from the master technician - not a high production value, maybe it’s the digital equivalent of putting the brake pads in a plastic bag to prove they’ve been changed,” Evans said. 

Who performs that service work, though, may not be as clear. 

Genesis will not have a presence in all Hyundai workshops, for instance. And the customer likely will never actually see where their vehicle is worked on.

“It’s not a Genesis facility. It’ll be a Genesis service bay and a Genesis uniform on a Genesis-trained technician, but it doesn’t have to be a Hyundai dealer,” Evans said.

“There’s no exterior signage. They’re existing facilities. We’re looking more at a chain than individuals - whether it’s a Hyundai dealer, whether it’s Ultratune or K-Mart Service - it’s all about the standard of service and the quality of the technician,” he said.

According to Evans, five so-called ‘valet service’ dealers have already been signed up in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. The start date for those workshops will align with the on-sale date for Genesis as a brand in Australia - at the end of quarter-one, 2019. 

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