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Forget Hyundai, Kia or Ford, Mitsubishi Australia could be the third best-selling brand behind Toyota and Mazda!

Mitsubishi’s sales have increased 12.9 per cent so far this year, with the Outlander and Triton performing especially well.

Mitsubishi Australia is an outlier in the 2022 automotive landscape because as most car brands struggle to regain ground amidst a global pandemic and supply shortages, the Japanese marque is steadily gaining in popularity.

So much so, that after five months of trading in 2022, Mitsubishi is the third best-selling brand in Australia with 35,902 new registrations, behind only Toyota (98,816) and Mazda (43,687).

This means more Mitsubishis have been sold this year than Hyundais (29,908) and Kias (30,939), as well as other popular marques like Ford (23,590), Nissan (13,342) and Volkswagen (10,062).

Speaking with CarsGuide, Mitsubishi Australia boss Shaun Westcott said the Japanese brand will work to fortify its market position, but wouldn’t necessarily lean on new product to do so.

“Right now, we occupy the number third position, but we want to cement that in, so the first short-term strategy is to lock that position in and to make it our own, and we know that we are going to have to work hard to do that,” he said.

“And it’s not only product, this is about customers and understanding customer’s needs, and providing them a level of support and service that creates – we’ve got to earn loyalty.

“That’s our short-term strategy, over the next two-to-three years is really going to be focused on keeping customers happy, because when you make customers happy, you earn their loyalty.”

In fact, the only new and confirmed product on the horizon for Mitsubishi Australia is the launch of the Outlander PHEV due out in the third quarter of the year.

Beyond that, CarsGuide understands there are plans to introduce a flagship Triton ute – possibly next year – while plans on models like the new-gen ASX remain unclear.

To keep customers happy though, Mitsubishi Australia has already done work such as flying in parts to remote areas and reintroducing its market-leading 10-year warranty, but Mr Westcott said its efforts are ongoing.

Part of the reason why Mitsubishi’s sales have shot up 12.9 per cent this year is also due to correct forward ordering, with supply of some of the brand’s more popular models such as the Triton and Outlander enjoying double-digit growth while competitor models face months-long wait times.

“As a brand, we are extremely ambitious, we are passionate, we are engaged, so watch this space,” Mr Westcott said.