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Ford GT supercar revealed | Australian designs Ford's Ferrari fighter

Detroit shock: Australian designs new Ford GT supercar, but it won’t be sold Down Under.

And you thought Australians were taking over Hollywood. Now they’re taking over Detroit. Hobart man designs Detroit’s fastest ever Ford GT supercar.

Ford has taken the covers off its latest Ferrari fighter, the new GT supercar -- and in a move that will be sure to shock North Americans, the iconic vehicle was designed by an Australian.

Todd Willing, a softly spoken man from Hobart who previously worked on the Ford Territory family SUV, has been working for Ford Australia for the past 12 years.

But he was posted to Detroit two years ago to work on the top secret project, and has since returned to Ford’s design studios in Broadmeadows, where he is now the head of Ford's Asia-Pacific design team.

The new GT supercar was so classified that only the top level of Ford management in Detroit knew about it, and Willing wasn’t even able to tell his wife, family or friends what he was doing at work.

“It’s every designer’s dream to work on a car like this,” a beaming Willing told News Corp Australia at the Detroit motor show overnight. “This is a once-in-a-career opportunity.”

The Ford GT is an impressive car to have on Willing’s design resume because it has a special significance to Ford.

The original Ford GT40 won the LeMans 24-hour race four consecutive times from 1966 to 1969 after a bitter battle with Ferrari, which had won the previous six years in a row.

The 1966 event was the first European race victory by an American car manufacturer since 1921; Henry Ford himself was there to witness the momentous win.

Ford built a modern version of the GT between 2004 and 2006 but it was axed earlier than planned because only 4000 of the 4500 it forecast had actually sold.

Ford designer Todd Willing with the Ford GT supercar unveiled at the 2015 Detroit motor show. Ford designer Todd Willing with the Ford GT supercar unveiled at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

For the latest Ford GT, Willing led a team of just six designers who worked on the car over the past 14 months.

In a controversial move Ford has fitted a twin-turbo V6 rather than a V8, but Ford says it makes more power (600 horsepower) than its predecessor without burning as much fuel.

Willing has seen the car being tested on Ford’s proving ground but is yet to get behind the wheel.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the sound of the engine, not being a V8, but I can tell you it sounds fantastic,” said Willing. “The world is moving towards smaller engines. This proves they can still be fun.”

Willing  hopes to test the new GT at one of Ford’s top secret facilities in the US later this year. Unfortunately that will be the only chance he will get to drive his creation as there are no plans to sell the new Ford GT supercar in Australia because it will not be built in right-hand-drive.

“It’s a global car but left-hand-drive only,” Ford’s head of global vehicle development, Raj Nair, told News Corp Australia.

Willing was born and bred in Hobart, Tasmania, but he studied industrial design at Monash University in Melbourne.

The Ford GT joins two other cars at the 2015 Detroit motor show designed by Australians, marking an important transition for the local car industry.

Australia may no longer be making cars after 2017 but it will still be critical in design and engineering of global vehicles.

Ford Australia already employs more designers and engineers than it does factory workers and the company is looking to expand.

General Motors unveiled two concept cars in Detroit this year that were in fact styled and built by Holden in Port Melbourne.