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Ford Falcon G6 Limited Edition

But Ford is hoping its new G6 Limited Edition sedan will add some spice into the established G Series line-up. With XR models making up 43 per cent of Falcon sales and the rest high-end G-Series cars, the entry $42,490 G6 has largely been something of an orphan in the Falcon line-up.

Ford Australia president, Marin Burela, wants to change that. "The G6 has not been known as well as we would like in that mid-$30,000 segment," he says. For that reason the G6 Limited Edition will kick off at $36,490 drive-away, pitching right into the mid-size and large car segments, but more importantly aimed at Holden's refreshed Commodore line-up. A G6 LE dedicated LPG version will cost $2000 extra.

"We are comfortable that it will drive incremental sales in the Falcon range," Burela says. The G6 LE gains $4000 of extra gear, including 18-inch alloys, leather trim, side curtain airbags, as well as other cosmetic upgrades and iPod integration and Bluetooth. The LPG model gets 17-inch alloys.

With the arrival of the Limited Edition, Burela has flagged some changes in the G series line-up. "We are looking at the opportunity for less complexity in the model line-up in the G Series," he says. However, he will not be drawn on whether the G6 and the G6E will become one model. "We're not sure, it's too early to say," he says.

And the Limited Edition numbers? Burela's not saying. "It spoils it for customers if they know," he says. However, Carguide understands 1500 LEs will be built.