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Ford Edge SUV good chance for Australia

Ford Edge SUV poised to come here, but it’s not the Territory replacement.

Ford Australia is poised to expand its SUV range and win back buyers after a nine-year sales slide and the lowest retail deliveries in 22 years.

Ford head office in Detroit announced this week the new generation Edge SUV will be sold in more than 100 countries, and be built in right-hand-drive for the first time.

Ford is yet to confirm the Edge for sale Down Under, but given that Australia is among the top three right-hand-drive markets after Japan and the UK, we are a strong chance to get the car.

The Edge will be available with a choice of super-efficient petrol engines in the US and diesel engines in Europe; Australia is expected to have a choice of both, giving it the upper hand compared to similarly-sized competition.

Ford Australia spokesman Wes Sherwood told Carsguide: “The Edge has not been confirmed for Australia (however) SUVs are the growth market not only in Australia but worldwide, and we want to compete very aggressively in that market.”

Ford once dominated the family-sized SUV category when the locally designed, developed and manufactured Territory went on sale 10 years ago, but it has been since overtaken by newer competition.

An updated Territory is due to go into production at Broadmeadows alongside a refreshed Falcon in September, ahead of the factory closure in October 2016.

Contrary to other reports, the Ford Edge is not the replacement for the Australian-made Territory seven-seater because the Edge is a five-seat-only model designed to appeal to smaller families or, given its edgy styling, the young at heart.

The Australian-made Territory SUV is likely to be replaced by the next generation Explorer, although it is unclear whether it will wear the US name or continue with the Territory badge.

“We will have a replacement for the Ford Territory,” said Sherwood, but he would not speculate what the model would be called.

Jim Farley, Ford group vice president of global marketing and sales, told Automotive News the Edge and the Explorer appeal to different customers.

“The Edge is a personal product. They [customers] buy for themselves, not their family,” Farley told Automotive News.

“Explorer customers like to share their adventures with their friends and families,” which the third row, seven-seat configuration enables.”