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Ford dealers prepared to support Mustang V8 Supercar in 2017

An artist's impression of the Ford Mustang that could be part of the Supercars Championship. Picture: V8 Supercars

Ford dealers are prepared to put in more than $1 million a year to save one of Australia's greatest sporting rivalries in a move that could see a Mustang take on the Holden Commodore in 2017.

News Corp Australia can reveal a network of Ford dealers are manoeuvring to save the famous company from V8 Supercar extinction and have called on Ford Australia to reconsider their decision to abandon the sport.

Petitions from fans and a public uproar failed to stop Ford from axing the sport

Ford shocked Australia last year by pulling all V8 Supercar funding and only remain in the sport on a stay of execution with DJR Team Penske and Prodrive Australia racing five soon to be made extinct Falcons.

Petitions from fans and a public uproar failed to stop Ford from axing the sport after plans to axe the Falcon at the end of 2016 and shut down Australian manufacturing were announced.

But a high level management change at Ford Australia — the CEO and marketing manager who were responsible for the decision to abandon the V8 war both leaving the company last month — and the dealer lobbying could now see Ford stay in the sport.

"The dealers are prepared to fund half the amount required to run a factory team," said a well-placed source.

"They have asked Ford to match their commitment and come back into the sport."

The "one size fits all" chassis set to be introduced in 2017 under the next generation of Supercars, along with the introduction of V6 engines opens the door for Ford to race American legend the Mustang or several other cars in their line-up including the Taurus, the Mondeo and the Fusion.