Fishermen catch a Porsche

21 December 2012
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Fishermen catch a Porsche
The vehicle sold to a Beihai scrap metal dealer for 4000 yuan ($650).

The ocean is full of surprises, and some Chinese fishermen got a huge one when they found a Porsche in their nets. 

The Cayenne SUV – which sells from around $110,000 here – was landed while the crew was recently fishing off the Coast of Beihai.

The Cayenne was covered in seaweed and barnacles, with its state pointing to it having been underwater for at least two years according to experts called in to assess it.

Reports on suggest that the waters and coastal areas around Beihai are a hotspot for smugglers bringing in luxury goods to escape the huge import tariffs China imposes.

It’s believed the smuggler possibly pushed the Porsche overboard after spotting a customs patrol. 

The vehicle, which would have netted the smuggler a sizable profit, sold to a Beihai scrap metal dealer for 4000 yuan ($650).

inline image Porsche caught by fishermen