New details on FG X Ford Falcon Sprint

22 January 2016
, CarsGuide

The Ford Falcon is going out on a turbocharged and supercharged high in its final months of production.

Ford confirmed a limited edition "Sprint" model late last year but fresh details have emerged about what buyers can expect. The XR6 Turbo and XR8 Sprint editions will have more power and get bigger brakes, as well as unique wheels and other minor styling changes.

Ford is yet to reveal exact power figures but CarsGuide has been told they won't overtake the 351kW benchmark set by the final Ford Falcon GT. The XR6 Turbo Sprint is expected to have more than 310kW while the XR8 is expected to climb beyond the 335kW output of the current supercharged V8.

Ford will also fit race-bred Brembo brakes — front and rear — to give it unprecedented stopping power.

The Sprint will be more than just a tune-up and a badge as engineers also have revised the suspension on both models to provide even sharper handling.

Production of the limited edition models is due to ramp up in March with the first showroom arrivals in April.

Pricing and how many cars will be built are yet to be announced.

The XR6 Turbo Sprint is expected to be close to $50,000 and the XR8 Sprint in excess of $55,000.

Aussie influence

Might there be more grunt for the Mustang too? Ford fans in Australia didn't get the high- performance Mustang 350 GT but we might not miss out on future limited editions.

Ford wasn't expecting demand for Mustang to be so strong in Australia and so it didn't consider making the parts for the 350 GT available in right-hand drive.

But there's renewed hope that any other future fast Fords will make their way here.

Mustang chief engineer Carl Widmann spent five hours last Sunday at a Mustang car show in Australia to better understand local buyers.

"I spoke to a lot of people who've ordered new Mustangs, and who are about to order new Mustangs," Widmann says.

Local interest in Mustang has gained the attention of Detroit

"There is a lot of passion here for performance cars."

Ford usually rolls out a series of high-performance models over the life of a model and the supercharged Mustang variants are yet to come.

Widmann and Ford Australia boss Graeme Whickman won't confirm whether there will be later changes to the Mustang line-up but they say the local interest in Mustang has gained the attention of Detroit.

Whickman says: "It's fair to say the demand from (Australian) customers puts us in a strong position to influence where possible global development decisions for (future) right-hand-drive variants."

Is the Falcon Sprint enough or would you like to see the Mustang 350 GT on Australian shores? Let us know in the comments below.