Ferris Bueller back for Honda super bowl ad

30 January 2012
, CarsGuide

There was a boring overnight flight back from Tokyo and, through the dark, I got a sharp call from the other side of the Qantas cabin. 

The man who now heads sales and marketing for Mazda in Australia, but  who was then with The Age newspaper, desperately wanted me to watch a movie. 

Less than an hour later, we each got a final warning from The Purser about disturbing the sleep of the other passengers. 

Like we cared ... We laughed until our eyes watered as Ferris streaked through a series of adventures, including the theft and destruction of the classic Ferrari - most likely a re-bodied Nissan Z-car - that belonged to his best friend's dad. 

Now Ferris is back for the Superbowl in the USA. Apparently he has moved on from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which was a wild adolescent romp through Chicago including stunts like a machine to convince his mother he was ill and needed a day off school. 

If you can believe Honda, which is paying the freight for the Superbowl spot, Matthew Broderick's character is now selling cars. Is that really a surprise after 26 years? 

After all, Ferris was a crazy risk taker who liked relaxing more than working and enjoyed nice cars.

It will be interesting to see how Honda has moved the story, as well as its signature lines "Anyone, anyone?" from the school teacher and the "Bow bow. Chicka, chick Ahh" punchline. 

But Honda is not the only one on the Superbowl roster for 2012 and happily paying $3.5 million for a single 30-second slot.

Kia is heading to the frozen north with its Optima, Audi has vampires and - wait for it - Volkswagen has a choir of barking dogs that 'sing' the theme from Star Wars. 

As for the Superbowl itself, who is Collingwood up against this year?