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Ferrari targa set for comeback

Ferrari has filed a patent for a new targa top-style supercar, hinting at a return to an iconic body style that swaps the folding roof of a convertible for removeable panels.

The documents, uncovered by AutoGuide and filed with the European Patent Office, predictably reveal little else, other than that Ferrari is clearly working on a car with a “coupe body with a rigid roof that is removable and is supported at the front by the upright of the windshield and at the rear by a full-width roll bar”.

From here out, then, it's rumour. They range from a new mid-engined V8 model that could replace the current 488 - which would be the first mass-market targa Ferrari since the 355 Targa ceased production 20 years ago - to the patent acting as little more than a design exercise that might find its way into limited-run models, like we saw with the LaFerrari Aperta or the 575 Superamerica.

Either way, things are afoot at Maranello. For now, we do know that, according to the application, "the object of the present invention is to provide a car with a "Targa Top" body... that is also easy and inexpensive to manufacture". 

Is a Ferrari Targa just the right side of retro? Tell us in the comments below.