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Ferrari 812 Superfast set for Geneva

Italian supercar-maker Ferrari has lifted the lid on its latest iteration of the V12-powered F12 family ahead of its full reveal at the Geneva motor show, dubbed the 812 Superfast and packing a considerable 588kW punch from its 6.5-litre engine.

Superfast is not a new name for the prancing horse, the first example to bear the tag being exhibited at the 1956 Paris motor show.

The naturally-aspirated V12 under the bonnet of the 2017 Superfast is a new unit that increases displacement by 200cc over the 6.3-litre engine in the F12 Berlinetta and tdf, and its peak power, which is reached at a screaming 8500prm, is a 14kW improvement over the tdf's 574kW.

Maximum torque of 718Nm is available at 7000prm, 13Nm more than the tdf, and Ferrari credits the increased numbers on a new 350 bar direct injection system paired with variable geometry intake tracts inspired by atmo Formula 1 engines.

All this is enough to power the new supercar from zero to 100km.h in just 2.9 seconds.

Mated to the front-engined V12 is a dual-clutch automatic with specific gear ratios that Ferrari says results in sharper throttle response when combined with shorter shifting time between gears.

All this is enough to power the new supercar from zero to 100km.h in just 2.9 seconds, and on to a top speed of around 340km/h.

Vehicle handling and dynamics are enhanced by a suite of new parts and systems including electronic power steering, doing away with the traditional hydraulic set-up.

Used in conjunction with the rest of the car's handling systems, including the newest 5.0 version of the brand's side slip control system and the virtual short wheelbase 2.0 system previously seen on the tdf, the 812 Superfast's handling and road-holding is improved even further, according to Ferrari.

The 812 Superfast borrows many of its design cues from the F12 tdf, but the 4657mm long coupe includes more subtle styling and less aggressive bodywork.

The new model has opted for a cleaner, more rounded front grille, while the rear diffuser is now body coloured, rather than black on the tdf.

The 812 has also done away with the 'shark gill' intakes on the tdf's rear wheel arches, while the tail-lights now feature four round lenses as opposed to two.

The boxy rear design harks back to the 365 GTB4 from the 1960s which gives it a fastback-style profile, while up front the LED headlights are flanked by air intakes on the bonnet.

The 812 Superfast debuts a new shade of red paint, named Rosso Settanta.

The front of the underbody features active flaps to improve aerodynamics, and the rear flank is also designed to increase downforce.

The 812 Superfast debuts a new shade of red paint, named Rosso Settanta, which Ferrari says is to acknowledge the company's 70th anniversary.

The interior design remains similar to the tdf with some stylistic changes including eschewing the Alcantara and carbon-fibre highlights in the old model for more prolific use of leather throughout the cabin, as well as a restyled centre console and dashboard.

It uses Ferrari's latest multimedia interface situated in the instrument cluster, and the black cabin is accentuated by hints of silver and red trim.

The 812 Fastback will be revealed in the flesh for the first time at the Geneva show, which kicks off on March 7.

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