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Fantasy gifts for the obscenely wealthy

Special edition Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante convertible.

Christmas is just a couple of pages away on the shopping calendar. And for those of you already struggling with the task of finding that special gift -- and likewise struggling with the weight of your wallet -- the Neiman Marcus fantasy gift list is here to help.

The Dallas department store's annual catalogue always kicks off its fantasy selection with a car, and this year it's one fit for a future king: a special edition Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante convertible.

A descendant of the car that Prince William and Kate drove off in from their wedding (a vintage 1969 Aston Martin owned by Prince Charles), only 10 will be built, which of course makes it a collectible steal for US$344,500 ($364,360) -- although you'd likely be stung for at least another $100,000 to bring it here.

Perhaps a smaller vehicle would fit better under the tree, and if you're happy with just two wheels there's Indian Larry's Wild Child chopper. For US$750,000 you can easy rider away on the Harley-Davidson based bike that the renowned fabricator handbuilt in New York to win the 2003 Discovery Channel "Biker Build-Off" series.

That might seem a lot for a set of secondhand wheels, so perhaps you could go for the single brand-new one of the US$11,000 of the Ciclotte exercise bicycle. Looking more like an abstract sculpture than a piece of gym equipment, the Ciclotte promises its "dynamic design is rivaled only by its effortless performance". And if it can truly make getting fit effortless, the asking price will seem a bargain compared to pre-dawn boot camp torture.

But there are also a few non-wheeled gifts, of which the most extravagant is an outdoor entertainment centre with a giant 201-inch screen that rises from an underground storage bunker, yours for US$1.5-$2.6 million (depending on where you want to install it).

Perhaps something tiny as a stocking stuffer? How about a 25-carat diamond, which will set you back US$1.85m but at about the size of a large sugar cube will save you some money on wrapping paper. And the price includes a trip to the London HQ of the De Beers diamond house to oversee the cutting and polishing of the stone, plus a side-trip to the African country of Namibia where it was mined.

And for true silliness, there's a US$150,000 falconry set ... with everything but the falcons. You get a set of matching luggage to carry your birds and personal knick-knacks, folding furniture, a 20-karat gold-plated perch, leather hoods and other falcon wardrobe items, plus all the bits and bobs needed for a spot of backgammon, whisky-imbibing and cigar-puffing while your pets are off hunting small animals.

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