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Drivers still smoking in cars with kids

Advocates are calling for increased fines for NSW drivers who continue to smoke with children in the vehicle.

Smokers who have lit up behind the wheel with children in the car have been slapped with more than $60,000 in fines this year in NSW.

Faced with a $250 on-the-spot fine for smoking with children under 16 in a car, 243 drivers and passengers have been caught so far this year and 877 have been fined since 2013.

"I think they should double the fines," said No Butts managing director Jack ­Jacobson.

"I think it's akin to child abuse.

"It is an outrage."

The NSW Government introduced laws to protect children from second hand smoke in 2009 because it could harm children's growing lungs but smokers continue to light up.

It's akin to child abuse

The most common defence was "but I had the windows open".

"But when you're the driver, the smoke and the ash ends up in the back seat," Mr Jacobson said.

He said the Dob In A Tosser campaign relating to rubbish should be extended to dobbing in smokers in cars with children.

"We absolutely encourage dobbing," he said.

"Absolutely dob them in."