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Drag racing drives road users crazy

Mayor Jacqueline Townsend on McCarrs Creek Rd. Picture: Martin Lange

Tokyo Drift Pittwater style where the vehicles are fast and residents furious.

McCarrs Creek Rd near Sydney's northern beaches has long been a notorious stretch for drag racing and drifting, however, residents say road resurfacing two years ago has intensified the problem.

Now Pittwater Council is concerned residents will resort to vigilante action if nothing is done. In this week's council meeting Mayor Jacqueline Townsend said that when the road was resurfaced, it was inadvertently made perfectly smooth for hooning behaviour.

"This is an issue we've had to live with for a while, made worse by resurfacing," Cr Townsend said. 'Now this road is in urgent need of some attention." Cr Townsend said residents in Church Point were fed up with speeding drivers and noisy vehicles using the road like a speed strip.

"Residents are concerned their neighbours are going to take matters into their own hands," she said. Cr Townsend said a recent presumed attack on cyclists where thumb tacks were scattered on the road may have been directed at noisy motorcycle riders.

"My view is they were for motorcycles - that's where the noise and speeding is coming from," she said. McCarrs Creek Rd resident Janet Tinkler agreed there was talk of vigilante action in Church Point. "Some residents are so angry and they feel they can't take any more," Ms Tinkler said.

"What can we do? They're going so fast we can't even read their numberplates." Ms Tinkler said motorcycle riders had terrified her on more than one occasion. 'I personally was terrorised by a group of over 200 motorcycle riders," Ms Tinkler said. 'I was driving to Mona Vale at the speed limit at 60km/h but they went past doing twice that.

"They went down on either side of me just to frighten me and they were making all sorts of rude signs." Resident Gary Bowtell said the stretch of road had become notorious. 'It's hit every website in town," Mr Bowtell said.

"We have cars up and down McCarrs Creek Rd trying to leave earth's gravitational pull." The Manly Daily has uncovered dozens of videos on YouTube showing riders and drivers speeding, overtaking on double white lines and having near misses with cyclists. Mr Bowtell said residents were bracing for a fatal accident.

"We have drift drag racing, recreational cyclists … and tourists all sharing that road," Mr Bowtell said. "It's a perfect storm … the big accident is about to happen." Council unanimously agreed to hold an emergency meeting with representatives from police, Roads and Maritime Services and state Liberal MP for Pittwater Rob Stokes to make changes, flagging suggestions including resurfacing the road with a coarser asphalt to make it less desirable for motorists.

Bayview and Church Point Residents Association member Shane Withington said meetings had not helped. "Dangerous driving has been an issue for many years but … recent resurfacing of the road has made it worse," Mr Withington said.

"They've dismissed what we really need - some form of traffic calming or a point- to-point speeding device." Cr Ian White, who lives on Scotland Island, said he drove the road regularly and made the point that troublesome vehicles in the region were not necessarily speeding.

"I've counted 35 riders at once and I don't think they were speeding. Most were older than me. For so many bikes to pass, it takes five minutes and it's very noisy."