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Dog chews hole in Aston Martin

The damage to the DB9 Volante was done while the owner was away.

A British man has given away his pet dog of three years after arriving home to find she had chewed a hole into the wheelarch of his beloved Aston Martin.

The damage to the DB9 Volante was done while Royston Grimstead was away, with him arriving home to find border collie spaniel cross Luce 'looking guilty' and covered in feathery white fibreglass.

"I came home and saw her covered in white stuff and I thought she had got a bird and it was feathers - but it was the fibreglass from the car," Grimstead told the UK's Daily Mail.

"She had chewed out a huge chunk. I just laughed. I mean, what else could I do? I'm not a crier and she knew she had done something wrong because she had this guilty look on her face."

The damage on the car -- which would would have cost around $380,000 here as a new car -- is estimated to be about £3000 ($5,500).

Grimstead said Luce has never before chewed any of his possessions, but he'd been thinking about rehoming her because she didn't get on with his other dog. "She must have overheard me talking about re-homing her because she's normally friendly and never really chewed on anything before," he said.

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