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Diesel sales up 60 per cent over five years

Diesel-power now comes in cars as cheap as a $20,000 Hyundai Accent.

It’s not just the top end of town that’s paying more upfront for the long-term bonus of reduced running costs.

Diesel-power now comes in cars as cheap as a $20,000 Hyundai Accent or the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta at $21,500.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2012 motor vehicle census shows diesel registrations across the country have grown by 60 per cent over the past five years.

Registrations of diesel light commercial vehicles such as the segment-leading Toyota HiLux were up 65 per cent since 2007 while the number of passenger diesels on the road more than doubled in the same period.

The ABS data shows diesels now account for 15.9 per cent of the 16.7 million vehicles on the road as of January 31 this year. Passenger vehicles, including SUVs, represent 12.7 million of total registrations and more than 2,654,000 of those are diesels.

Motorbikes are the other big mover. There are now more than 709,000 powered two-wheelers registered in Australia, a 38.5 per cent increase since ’07.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ motorcycle manager, Cameron Cuthill, says the data reflects the general motoring trend to more economical and efficient forms of transport.

“As people turn to “green” vehicles, motorcycles come in to their own in terms of low fuel use and a smaller environmental impact,” Cuthill said. Australia has 745 registered cars per 1000 residents, up from 705 five years ago. 

The average age of our cars is 10-years. Light commercial vehicles – the car of choice for our tradies and service industry – make up 15.6 per cent of what’s on our roads. The ACT defied the diesel trend - diesel vehicles represented only 1 per cent of registrations in the nation’s capital.

Reg’d cars by fuel breakdown:

State Petrol Diesel LPG/dual fuel
NSW 4,070,505 676,449 123,042
VIC 3,473,417 568,385 244,482
QLD 2,736,586 697,605 58,120
WA 1,518,939 397,876 60,941
SA 1,095,547 167,585 11,909
TAS 350,411 77,190 4,390
ACT 235,230 25,405 6,529
NT 95,860 44,010 1,231

Average Fleet Age:

NSW 9.5 years
VIC 10.3 years
QLD 9.5 years
SA 11.2 years
WA 10.2 years
TAS 12.2 years
ACT 9.4 years
NT 9.0 years

Top 10 car brands:

Toyota 3,542,271
Holden 2,051,498
Ford 1,606,936
Mitsubishi 906,782
Mazda 808,719
Nissan 748,650
Hyundai 735,904
Honda 603,398
Subaru 495,582
BMW 262,380 

Vehicle Registrations By State:

NSW 4,869,996 (includes 3,803,926 passenger vehicles, 694 775 light commercial vehicles)
VIC 4,286,284 (includes 3,373,564 passenger vehicles, 580,727 light commercial vehicles)
QLD 3,492,311 (includes 2,489,266 passenger vehicles, 12 449 light commercial vehicles)
SA 1,275,041 (includes 1,000,132 passenger vehicles, 4002 light commercial vehicles)
WA 1,977,756 (includes 1,432,969 passenger vehicles, 8127 light commercial vehicles)
TAS 431,991 (includes 303,622 passenger vehicles, 4503 light commercial vehicles)
ACT 267,164 (includes 223,472 passenger vehicles, 460 light commercial vehicles)
NT 141,101 (includes 87,284 passenger vehicles, 244 light commercial vehicles)