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Dick's dynasty grows as Jett Johnson hits the track

Jett Johnson with father Steve and grandfather Dick.

The 17 on the front of Jett Johnson's go-kart tells you everything about the speedy youngster.

It's the same racing number made famous by his grandfather Dick, and also carried by his father Steve during his days as a V8 Supercars front-runner.

Now the 17 has been passed down to the third generation of Johnson racers, as a family heirloom and also a warning to Jett's junior rivals.

"He's going pretty good," says grandpa Dick.

"I know he wants to race, but we'll see. We'd be happy if he is successful in anything he does, it doesn't have to be racing," says father Steve.

The same racing number 17 has been passed down to the third generation of Johnson racers

The three Johnson generations assemble for their Father's Day photograph at Willowbank kart track, on a day where Jett uses his skill and commitment on a greasy wet track to take the big prize. His father and grandfather are struck silent as he carves through the field.

The 10-year-old has already been racing for three years, after starting in karts when he was just five. But he had an advantage.

"Grandad has taught me all the lines for the different tracks, where you can find the grip. It's really good to have him," said Jett.

"When I go go-karting I think of grandpa and I want to be like him. But I reckon I've got to become a driver like my dad before I become a legend like my grandpa."

Both his elders have pride in the youngster, but things are different for Father's Day in the Johnson house. It's not just about racing, because an even-bigger celebration is needed as Steve and his sister Kelly have their birthdays in September and their dad was often away racing when they were younger.

"I spend more time with them now because I have more time to spend. That's probably the worst thing about being a racing driver, the time away from home," said Dick.

"We get together and try to share some of the moments - the good ones - we've had over the years. The things the grandkids say and do make it all worthwhile."

Steven is changing directions in his racing, moving into the Touring Car Masters category in classic V8-powered Falcons and Mustangs, which means he and Dick will be together on Father's Day 2015 at Sydney Motorsport Park.

"It's hard to describe the bond. You feel so in tune with each other," says Steve, who shared a car with his father in the Bathurst 1000 classic in 1998 and 1999, Dick's final year of racing.

And what about Jett and the chance for a third-generation winner in touring car racing?

"If he makes it, that fine. Right now, we're having a great time and all three of us hanging out together," said Steve.