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Stunning Genesis Mint concept would hit dealerships "exactly as you see it right now"

It might have stolen the headlines at the 2019 New York Motor Show - what with it’s scissor-style doors to access the rear storage and it’s auto-swivelling seats and dash - but Genesis is promising its Mint Concept is more than just a pie-in-the-sky concept.

In fact, the brand’s global boss says he will fight to make a production version of the two-seat EV, and what's more, it will arrive “exactly as you see it right now”.

While the immediate focus for Genesis will be on SUVs, with the brand’s full-size GV80 due to launch internationally in late 2019, the brand’s global CEO told CarsGuide that he would "fight to the very end" to make the Mint concept a production reality.

And what’s more, he says he is pushing to ensure it arrives unchanged from the show car revealed in New York. And that means a cognac leather-soaked cabin with just the two seats, and those supercar-style doors at the rear that give access to a parcel shelf that doubles as the Mint's boot space.

"I will fight to the very end to make this car into production and to have it exactly as you see it right now on the roads," says global Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald. "Receiving the feedback from the people (to the show car), and the overwhelmingly positive response, that already shows us the way.

“I think this is the invention of a new type of vehicle, and it’s definitely something that will resonate with the people out there.”

Genesis is yet to confirm the full powertrain specifics for its Mint, but have said it will deliver a full 322km in driving range, and that is set-up for 350kW ultra-fast recharging. The two-door, two-seat EV was penned by the brand's global design studios, with input from Germany, the USA and South Korea - part of a “holistic” design process that has resulted in a seriously attractive city-car concept.

Those huge alloys have been pushed to the furthest corners of the car, thanks to the minimal front and rear overhang, and the mesh detailing that runs along the bottom of the body is actually venting to send cool air rushing over the batteries. The cabin is also minimalist in the extreme, with the key car controls mounted alongside the oblong steering wheel, displayed on six individual screens that display all the driving information.

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