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Crashing out? Toyota won't seek safety rating for 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series GR Sport - or any future GR performance models

The GR Sport features a unique suspension setup that differentiates it from other LandCruiser 300 Series variants.

Toyota Australia says it has no intention of offering up the GR Sport variant of its LandCruiser 300 Series for crash safety testing due to expected low volumes.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) awarded the freshly launched LandCruiser 300 Series SUV with a maximum five-star rating earlier this week.

The rating applies to all variants, including GX, GXL, VX, Sahara and Sahara ZX, but it does not apply to the GR Sport, which will be unrated.

ANCAP says testing is “undertaken on the base model variant and manufacturers can apply for the rating to be extended to other variants by supplying the necessary technical information to ANCAP for consideration”.

CarsGuide understands that Toyota did not supply the additional information relating to the GR Sport for the ANCAP tests.

In a statement from the manufacturer, Toyota says it will not be seeking ANCAP ratings for the LandCruiser 300 GR Sport, or indeed any model or variant that falls under the GR sub-brand banner.

“The LandCruiser GR Sport grade was not assessed as part of ANCAP’s evaluation of this model, however the GR Sport has the same or higher level of safety specifications as other LC300 variants that have received a five-star rating,” a spokesperson said.

“Toyota Australia does not intend to seek a rating for models in the GR sub-brand, including GR Sport, due to its niche market and low volumes.”

The LandCruiser 300 Series was the first new model crash tested by ANCAP in 2022. The LandCruiser 300 Series was the first new model crash tested by ANCAP in 2022.

Models that fall under the GR banner are full performance models or variants like the GR Yaris hot hatch, and GR86 and GR Supra sports cars. GR Sport refers to variants with sporty styling flourishes and potentially some mechanical tweaks.

The 86 has a five-star ANCAP rating that was awarded back in 2012. It will be replaced by a new version this year with more safety features. The Supra does not have an ANCAP rating.

While the Yaris has a five-star rating, the GR Yaris, which features significant mechanical modifications over the regular version, is unrated. The only other GR/GR Sport model in Toyota’s line-up with a five-star rating is the GR Sport version of the C-HR small SUV. The rating is by default as the variant was launched after the crash test was conducted. 

At $137,790 before on-road costs, the GR Sport is the second most expensive model grade, behind the Sahara ZX ($138,790).

The key mechanical differences between the GR Sport and other variants are the fitment of front and rear differential locks, and special electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (e-KDSS) – the only LandCruiser variant offered with this system.

This system can lock and unlock the stabiliser bars, and in conjunction with the adaptive dampers, makes for greater wheel articulation.