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Could Mitsubishi's Ralliart make a comeback? Brand to study "high-performance" vehicles

Mitsubishi could be back on the performance scene

Mitsubishi hasn't ruled out iconic brands EVO and Ralliart making a stunning comeback, with the Japanese car maker keen to study the feasibility of producing high-performance vehicles.

There is one catch, of course: the brand says if its customers want to see it atop the performance pile again, they need to ask for it.

That's the word from Mitsubishi's chief product specialist, Minoru Uehara, who told media he "appreciates the high-performance vehicles".

"We can not tell a lot about future product. We will make maximum effort to answer the customers expectations," he says.

"If the customer is expecting high-performance vehicle, we will study this kind of opportunity. Myself, I really appreciate the high-performance vehicle."

Mitsubishi's product chief was speaking at the Japanese launch of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV, a vehicle he says will redefine how you look at plug-in hybrids and performance. But he also says it is simply the beginning, with more dynamic vehicles in the pipeline.

"Our product planning and our vehicle development team is developing more nice, better performance in the future," he says.

"Currently the Eclipse Cross PHEV is an iconic product for the Mitsubishi SUV dynamics, but we need to develop better powered vehicles continuously."

His comments follow those of Mitsubishi's design lead, Seiji Watanabe, who told CarsGuide the Eclipse Cross was "just the starting point" of the brand's new performance story.

"I feel, in the future, I think Mitsubishi wants to push more performance design," he says. "This is a starting point. Just a starting point."