Clarkson designs and drives world's tiniest car

6 February 2013
, CarsGuide

Clarkson designs and drives worldÕs tiniest car

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Jeremy Clarkson has apparently added car design to his CV, with the latest episode of BBC’s Top Gear unveiling his creation: the world’s tiniest car.

The P45 takes its name from the small Peel P50 (officially the world’s smallest production car) Clarkson drove in a previous series – through a shopping centre. The car features a helmet for a roof and a visor for a windshield, but has all the requirements to be registered in the UK.

On the show, Clarkson says the car is legally able to be driven, before taking the P45 out for a maiden run on the highway. However after seeing the debut drive, we’re not sure there’s a market for his design.