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Citroen Tubik ugliest show car ever?

We’re used to motor shows being the forum for stunning cars that never go into production – no matter how much we beg. And here’s one we sincerely hope follows that path. We’ll be begging for it to never see light of day.

Looking like the misbegotten spawn of an affair between a piggy bank and a bread bin, the Tubik is described by Citroen as a “high-tech, high comfort, highly functional executive shuttle that is shared, intelligent, connected and eco friendly”.

“More than a taxi, more flexible than a limousine and as much fun as a trip to beach. Its flexible interiors means it can carry a group of people or a single person and their luggage; the seats can fold down as a bed or swing around for a meeting; entertainment units fold from the roof and privacy is guaranteed.”

Well, you wouldn’t want to be spotted in it, would you? So at least the lack of passenger windows is understandable. But that’s the only part of the appearance that makes sense.

We read the press release carefully to check for OHS alerts about eyesight damage, or PG viewer rating on the level of design violence, but the French carmaker has been almost criminally negligent in assuming the Tubik is safe to unleash on an unsuspecting public.

Carsguide to the rescue. You have now been warned.