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Citroen sex video tape

The Citroen 2CV was – or is – a breed of its own. 

It apparently breeds well, too. Yes, the 2CV is still very much alive and kicking – and if it keeps on behaving in this wanton manner it will be popping out new models for generations to come.

Who would have known this classic beast was such an animal. From what we’ve seen on this sex tape, this naughty little number sees more action than Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen combined. And seems to feel the same happiness to flaunt debauchery on film.

Equally surprising is that the 2CV seems to be part bird, or reptile, or both. Now you’ve got rampant outdoor sex, possible bestiality, and an eagerness to put on a show for -- well, anyone willing to watch --  we’ll never look at this classic car in the same light again.

Forget Lara Bingle’s nude shower and balcony shots and Matthew Newtown’s endless list of ‘tired and emotional’ shenanigans. This Citroen old timer blows them off the murky tabloid front page every time.