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Citroen reveals CXperience Concept ahead of Paris

Bold new concept pays tribute to Citroen’s past executive cars, demonstrates brand’s Advanced Comfort technologies and design. 

Citroen nowadays might be all about quirky cars and rally dominance, but in a bygone century the French carmaker made its name in making big, comfy, and plush executive cars. The brand’s new Paris motor show-bound concept car, the CXperience Concept, certainly aims to recapture some of that past reputation as it is designed as a new take on ‘the codes of executive sedans’ and showcase the latest developments of their ‘Citroen Advanced Comfort’ programme. 

Measuring in at 4.85-metres long, two metres wide, and 1.37-metres tall, the CXperience adopts a ‘two-box saloon’ shape, giving it a profile that looks closer to a station wagon rather than a traditional sedan. Although the CXperience’s design takes on a futuristic interpretation, there are plenty of design cues that harkens back to Citroen’s past. Its concave rear window is reminiscent of the unique C5 and C6, whereas its single-spoke steering wheel reminds one of the item used in the iconic DS.

Design aesthetics aside, the CXperience serves as a platform to demonstrate Citroen’s Advanced Comfort programme on an executive car. With the goal of creating a comfortable ‘cocoon’ within for occupants, the CXperience will feature a progressive hydraulic suspension system that is said to achieve the levels of comfort once delivered by Citroen’s previous hydropneumatic suspension systems. 

Ride quality is only one part of the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme with the other being its interior design that is meant to give occupants a sense of space and comfort. The seats are made from shape-memory foam and designed to envelope the occupants, whilst the use of warm and natural materials gives it a more natural touch that is of stark contrast to its bold exterior. 

Underneath its eye-catching shape the CXperience is said to sport a 220kW plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Its minimalistic dashboard certainly takes after Citroen’s simplistic C4 Cactus, with climate control, driving aids, navigation, and infotainment functions integrated into its massive 19-inch centre display screen. 

Underneath its eye-catching shape the CXperience is said to sport a 220kW plug-in hybrid powertrain. This being a concept, Citroen isn’t too exact with the details of its powertrain, with the transversely mounted petrol-fed engine producing between 110 and 150kW. Power from the engine is sent via an 8-speed automatic that is mated to an 80kW electric motor for additional thrust, and sent to the rear wheels. 

The CXperience’s 3kWh battery pack is said to provide it with an all-electric range of 60km, and can be charged in less than 2.5 hours if plugged into a 6.6kW charger designed for use with a 32Ah socket. 

Citroen isn’t saying if the CXperience will progress into something more than a mere concept. However considering that the French brand lacks a large executive sedan model in its range since the discontinuation of the C6 in 2012 - excluding the recently introduced Chinese-market exclusive C6 - the CXperience might return in one way or another in the near future. 

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a new C6-successor in body or form, technologies from the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme will filter down to future Citroen models. 

Would you like to see the CXperience reach production? Tell us what you think in the comments below.